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Am I Fake?

Am I fake?

The truth is sure, maybe, kinda, sometimes....

But really the truth is I just don’t always show the part where instead of cheering my baby boy on at football practice, I sat in the car with the heater on and played solitary while my head throbbed and my nose dripped snot due to the second cold I’ve had in 1 month. (well now I guess I am sharing that huh?!?)

I know most of you moms will say, “Oh no, Honey. You have to take care of yourself. It is totally okay to have those moments.”

But the truth is I still feel guilty! I feel like a crappy mom when I do stuff like that.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to hide that side of momming. Hide the fact that after that practice where I hid in my germ filled car, I boiled hot dogs, put them on regular sliced bread and called it dinner. (Nothing else mind you! No veggie not even Mac and cheese!)

The mom guilt when we don’t feel up to par sucks!

The mom guilt when we are going through sadness, depression, tiredness or sickness is just plain stupid!

Am I fake? No I don’t think so.

Am I showing everything for everyone on social media? No and you’re welcome for that! Lol.

Am I perfect? Um heck no!

Am I a crappy mom? Nope!

Am I a crappy mom when I’m sick or going through something emotionally draining? No!

Am I letting mom guilt control me? ......

Not anymore!

Fake or Real? Shame and guilt. Self bashing. Feeling inadequate. All of it needs to go fly a kite.

Does God love you? Then you’re good!

Do your kids know you love them unconditionally? Then you’re good.

For married mamas... Does your hubby know you love him? Then you’re good.

Maybe hot dogs for dinner was just perfect for your kids to know you cared enough about them to make sure they were fed even while you don’t feel good.

Maybe just taking your kid to football practice was enough for your child to feel like he was a priority in your live.

Do you, Mama!! Do what is Necessary to build yourself up again. Drop the shame and guilt and rely on God to cover the lack.

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