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Freakin' Covid-19

Is 53:5

"...By his stripes we were healed!” NKJ


"...He was whipped so we could be healed.” NLT

We already have healing in our bodies! We already see God's supernatural healing operating in our bodies every single day….otherwise trust me, we’d all be DEAD. (scabs, common colds, scratches…etc.)

Before Jesus gave us salvation, He gave us healing! Like what?!?! I thought salvation was first since it seems like a priority but nop

e! Jesus received the stripes first! He received the stripes before he died on the cross and rose again bringing us salvation.

It is not about whether you are “saved” or not. It's not about whether you go to church and serve God with your whole heart. God gave healing to everyone! He knew His love and His healing is what would bring people into His kingdom and into His salvation! Boom! We all have healing. Picture Oprah, “You get healing and you get healing and you get healing!”

Even if you aren’t freaked out about covid-19, the world still is! The world needs healing! Physical, spiritual, mental, financial...The world needs all the “al's"....

If you are freaking out about freakin' covid-19, please know that, that place is exactly where God can show up and show off!

Daniel and the lions den is the story we all tell our Sunday school kids (Weird I know: “Some guy named Daniel prayed even though it was against the law then the king threw him into a torture chamber of hungry lions to rip him apart and eat him as a snack..." lol. What are Sunday school teachers thinking?) But it wouldn't be a story worth telling if Daniel had not been thrown into that chaos. Luckily we know the end of that story where God showed up and closed the mouths of the lions so Daniel was left completely unharmed!

We moms, find ourselves thrown into chaos right now with this whole covid-19 nonsense. "No school for the next week". Then "No school for 3 weeks" Then after that, "No school for 6 weeks". And now, "Maybe no school for the rest of

the year..." 🤯 But I gotta tell you, MAMA, this is exactly the spot where God shows His power towards us!

God will show off for you and your family. Just imagine the "Daniel and the lions den" stories we will be telling our children and their children and their kids...and so on about the moment God showed His power for our sakes.

This is a time for you to set the example of faith and spread the Good news of healing. This is a time to live a life that will be a legacy for the future generations. You can spread this message of healing and peace even while still #socialdistancing.

Facebook, Instagram, twitter…Come on! We are already living in a day that makes sharing God's love easy! We don’t have to worry about having the right words to say and maybe coming off to strong! This is what we millennial moms were made for! lol

Share a scripture from the bible app! Go live and talk about how you are staying peaceful and faith-full. Share this Blog or the Podcast.

Last thought:

3 John 1:2 “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that ALL may go well with you even your soul is getting along well.”

Girls,it’s not just healing but “ALL may go well”!

God cares about health and peace. God cares about your healing and your financial stability! God cares about ALL your needs.

Phil 4:19 All your needs are met according to His riches in glory.

ALL our needs are met!

All our needs are met not according to the Dow Jones, or S&P 500, or not according to our current economy….But according to “GOD’s riches in glory”!

Take that Covid-19!


God I thank you for your healing! I thank you that my family and I can operate in your super nature healing every single day! I pray that you eradicate covid-19. I pray that you continue to bring peace that passes our natural understanding. I pray that this crisis bring our community, out state, out nation and the entire world closer into relationship with you! Thank you for loving me, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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