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Something New

⬅️⬅️⬅️ This has been my scripture for like 3 years now!! Everytime I read it, I get excited!

The thing is though that sometimes I forget to "look". I don’t SEE Him doing something new because I’m not looking! (I’m too busy looking at netflix or candy crush, the snacks in pantry, and my crazy kids mostly. #realmomlife)

But when I start actually looking, I start to see how freaking awesome my God is towards me.

Another scripture (psalms 34:8) says: Taste and SEE that the lord is good. (Taste and see that the covid-19 snacks are too good too! I’m trying not to gain the covid-19 pounds! 😳)

The goodness of the lord has a lot to do with what you are SEEing, what you are looking at, and what you are focusing on.

Right now, I am reminding myself to look/focus/see that God is doing something NEW for me.

New shoes, new makeup, new house, new grace, new tacos...wait what?!?! Anyways...whatever new thing it is, it always seems so fun and exciting!

He is making pathways in the wilderness just for me! (This is especially exciting for me personally considering we want to buy our next house in the mountains/wilderness in the next couple months!!)

Breaking down the scripture Part 1:

When I read the phrase, “pathway in the wilderness” to me it means ease, safety, and direction.

Ease: I picture the old pioneering days where the owners who had claimed raw land had to make a path way to even survey their new land and start to build a homestead. If they didn’t have a path then getting the wagons through to the desired building plot would not have been possible. (I've been watching too much Outlander series lately) The pathway was probably one of the first things that had to be made so they could build with more ease. How much easier thing are when there is a clear path to use.

Safety: The safety of a path comes in when you otherwise could have gotten lost in the dense forest that life can sometimes feel like. (I love camping in the forest! Thankfully there are walking trails and paths otherwise I would have been Bigfoot food long ago.) But like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, we can follow God's yellow brick road/pathway to avoid getting lost. Considering I can get lost in a mall, I am so glad God is making me a personal path so I can stay safe and avoid being eaten by sasquatch.

Direction: Thank you Jesus for GPS. “Turn left now”, said in my best robotic yet calming English accent. How did we function before GPS?!?! God uses the Holy Spirit as his GPS. He speaks to us to let us know when to turn left or when to “make a slight right in 500 hundred feet”. I legit need the Holy Spirit to help a mama out everyday!

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense that we can’t just do a straight line from here to our desired location. But God knows in certain circumstance, we have to go around some annoying roundabouts (Don't get me started on how much I hate those stupid things!). Maybe we'll have to go over some bumpy train tracks or whatever metaphor we wanta use to signify how to safety get to our destiny. He knows the right directions for us! It might not make sense now but it does from His perspective. His directions are much better for all involved verses us trying to forge our own way with a bulldozer of destruction to try to make our own path. (I just thought of a cool therapeutic activity of letting moms just go crazy driving in a bulldozer- obviously in a safe distance from any town! Someone please make this a reality! I’ll be your first customer!)

Part 2:

“Rivers in the dry wasteland” to me means supplies, refreshment and cleansing.

Supplies: That feeling when you see the UPS brown box truck turn down your street and you totally know that the metal brown box has a couple smaller brown cardboard boxes in it for you! Amazon Prime for the #momwin! (I just bought myself a black head remover kit from amazon...that’s how bored I am during our shelter in place order. Don’t judge me!)

Refreshment: refreshments like tea and cucumber sandwiches and NOT my jam! But a refreshing shower or bath: Yes! Coffee and string cheese while hiding in my bedroom away from the kids: yes! Time spent with God where He reminds me He loves me: legit yes!! That’s what God is doing for me and for you! He’s refreshing us even in this strange and trying moment in our history. Coronavirus doesn’t change that God is good and He is bringing a refreshing to us, for us, and in us.

Cleansing: Anyone have allergies right now?!?! 🙋‍♀️ Dude the tickle in my throat from all the pollen got me looking up “coronavirus symptoms”. Lol. Anyways.... I feel soooo much better after I wash my face, hands and hair when I have had to brave the outdoors in spring! Like, please can I just scrub away all that pesky pollen!?!? The clean feeling after I've washed it all off helps me fall asleep at night even in allergy/spring season! God is making rivers to provide a cleansing for us. That cleaning brings peace and rest! The cleansing brings healing to every part of who we are. Healing to our body, soul, & spirit!

I can grab ahold of all these benefits just from looking at the right thing. I can have this type of cleansing and healing by seeing that God is doing something new!


If you don’t see the pathway or the river from God doing something new yet in your life then pray that God shows you what He’s up to!! He’s making moves! He making paths. He’s creating rivers just for you because he loves you! And He can even help you see them when you simply ask Him to.

Personal Challenge:

📌Start looking for God's goodness!! (And I’m totally telling myself that right now!!! I will endeavor to start seeing His goodness in my life more and more!) Seeing Gods goodness is what brings peace and joy in this moment of chaos!

📌Maybe get yourself something new from amazon to remind yourself of just a small sliver of the joy God can bring you with His “something new”.

📌Save the scripture image to your device and read it out loud to yourself in moments of stress! Watch the fear leave and faith come! Watch God make a path for you to follow and a river for you to drink from. (Just don’t drink from the same spot you swam and peed in. Life lesson, you’re welcome!)

Thank you for reading this blog!! If you enjoyed it I'd love for you to share it on your favorite social media platform! I get super excited everytime I see that one of you shares it! I love seeing it almost as much as I love me some morning coffee...Almost! lol

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