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Valuably Flawed and Beautiful

I bought this table brand new. It was beautiful, shiny, and sturdy. I even had a friend borrow it to stage her home for an open house. It was one of the first pieces of furniture my husband and I bought. It’s was kinda a big deal for us. Now look at it. Permanently covered in glue, paint, scratches, along with mismatched chairs. This piece of furniture is a real estate agents’ worst nightmare. It screams “Beware! Kids live here!”

It’s damaged. It’s flawed. It’s a mess! It doesn’t even have matching chairs anymore! Am I even still talking about the table? I can guarantee you I don’t have matching socks on right now! I am legit flawed. I’m kind of a hot mess (saying a “hot mess” is kinda cooler than just a regular mess). I mess up so much! I yelled at the kids and I forgot parent volunteer day at school. I don’t even attempt to match the kid’s socks anymore and I am just praying they have enough undies to last the rest of the week so I don’t have to look at the HUGE pile of dirty laundry.

When I look at this jacked up table a few thoughts come to mind. First is “OMG! Kids can you please just not! Like, just clean it up after you’re done!” Then after the frustration leaves I think, “Thank You God, for my children. I prayed for kids and You gave them to me. They are my miracle. This nasty table is just evidence of my blessing“ But today I want to focus on my third thought. I look at this table and think about how beautiful it is! This table is a work of art from my little artists. I’m sentimentally attached to this table now. This table is covered in life! This table is still very useful for our family. It has a unique job of being the breakfast table, homework table and crafting table all in one. If I didn’t have this table where would the kids do their art? Where would they gather to create their masterpieces? (or so I tell them when they present me with the most awkward looking family drawing. I wish my hair had that much volume!)

The same is true for us. I’m sure there are times when God looks at us and thinks, “Can you just not!?!?!?” But for the most part He is looking at us with eyes full of love! He see our unique purpose. He sees our flaws of course but He can see them and still see our value. Value. We have value. Just like the table still holds a beautiful and valuable place in my heart, we have beauty and value. Sometimes we look at our flaws and think the worst about ourselves. We can want to give up, or just think less of ourselves than we should. But God wants to give you His view of you. He wants you to think His thoughts concerning you.

God thinks of you as amazing! God has a purpose for you. God created you human, knowing you’d be flawed. Otherwise He would have created a perfect little blob and not made us all human. God can use your flaws and turn them into something amazing. (Hey maybe my flaw of not matching socks for my kids will lead to one of them inventing a sock matching gadget that will revolutionize the mom world! Bam, You’re welcome!) Don't be ashamed of your flaws. Trust God that He can either help you fix the flaw or He will use it for good. You hold a sentimental place in God's heart and He has a plan a purpose for your live. Even with your flaws, you are beautiful and valuable.

I challenge you to think of at least 3 unique jobs/purposes that you have. Those jobs are valuable. Your quirks/flaws can be apart of what makes you valuable.

Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

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