Shilah's Story
So first, THANK YOU!
I'm here for you, busy mama!
I am a stay at home mom who used to lack the confidence needed to enjoying momming without the stress and fear of what others thought. Through God's grace, I have gone on a journey that led to discovering how to gain the confidence I desperately lacked. My goal is to help explain that journey and take you on it as well.  
 Now I can confidently own my momming style of a "10-ish second rule" and "yes, go pee real quick behind that bush". I enjoy writing, singing, just about anything creative, and beating my family at any card or board game! 
Good Bad Moms exists to inspire, encourage and equip moms to keep momming on the Bible way! Our goal is to show that if you're a mom, you are GRACED to mom whether you feel like a good mom or a bad mom.  Our aim is to encourage moms that they can have confidence in this mom life. We do this by using the bible and its stories in practical and hopefully humorous relatable ways to equip moms to mom differently. We have a promise from God that when we train up a child in the way they should go the will not depart from it. 
 We love to laugh in the face of momming and all the craziness that comes along with it. We do this by encouraging moms with real #momlife stories (usually laughable or cry-able stories) mixed in with biblical truths. We are not perfect moms and don't expect you to be. That's why we call ourselves GoodBadMoms. So either way, let's get a good laugh at this #GOODBADMOM life.
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