How to get inspired - again

December 12, 2018


Joshua 1:8 Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.



I'm a ‘creative’ personality, so I enjoying being spontaneous. I can be very impulsive and sometimes very fickle. I can have major passion for something but then a month later forget why I even liked it to start with. I can be impulsively writing content for GoodBadMoms and then the next week have nothing (NOTHING) to say. I’ll think, “Well that’s it. That was a fun run while it lasted. WE OUT!” But thank God, I have discovered where to get inspired again. I have found the source of passion. My source for creativity. 


The Bible. That’s where it’s at! When I have dried up all my natural whim, passion and inspiration, I read the bible. I love the YouVersion Bible App (this is not a sponsored or associated blog but hey I’m open to it. 📖) because they have plans on there that are organized by topic. If I need passion again for momming, I can search that category and they have tons of reading plans to choose from. If I need inspiration for my marriage, they have that too. They have topics from working a job, anxiety, and love to holidays like Christmas. Sometimes we even need to get inspired for Christmas.  It’s all Bible based. It points me to a verse and I can focus on that scripture, mull it over, meditate on it. And before I know it I’m inspired. I have direction, vision, passion and excitement again.



This Scripture in Joshua 1:8 says to meditate on it, obey it…then YOU will make your way prosper and you will succeed in ALL you do. Um, yes please. But what is success? What is success to you? To me it is LOVING what I do. Loving life. A passion to keep on doing what I do. Inspiration for the future. 


But, lets not gloss over the prosperous part. Through having the bible in your heart and mind, you can not only gain inspiration that leads to success but you can be prosperous at it too. The Bible is so vital to us today! With it we can find new ideas on how to prosper. Whether it’s being a SAHM, working mom, or working your booty off on your side hustle, we can prosper in whatever it is that we do and love. Through Gods bible we can gain and maintain inspiration for what we love to do and get God ideas on how to make it prosperous.



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